Your own development office.

Establish your office and save up to 75% of your budget for development.

Why Ukraine?

Cost-efficient recruitment

Your costs will be 40-75% lower because of the lower wages and reasonable prices for real estate.

A rich base of IT professionals

Set up your team faster having a rich base of 210 000 top IT talents.

Easy Communication

Ukrainians are easygoing and open-minded people. We embrace different cultures and the Canadian way of doing business. Manage your team remotely integrating same culture , values and mission.

You will receive

Our mission is to build a high performing team, providing talent/brand management and support.
  • 1


    Understanding your needs & Preparing an offer with a Budget and timeline

  • 2


    Preparing legal structure & Compliance

  • 3


    Start HR branding & recruitment process

  • 4

    Real Estate

    Preparing branded office

  • 5

    Payroll & Accounting

    Necessary financial reports, tax optimization and support.

Solution for enterprise with IT expenses over $300k / year.

It is also a great idea to open a branch in Ukraine if your startup received Series A investment (or higher).
We are members of the Ukranian IT Cluster. Softwared Solutions bring together our specialists with 6+ years of experience in development, management, HR, and building teams for various IT companies in Ukraine and abroad.

Opening an R&D office is a great decision for your business to extend its performance. The number of qualified IT specialists exceeds 200 000 and it is growing each year by newcoming tech graduates. it is our role to find the needed specialist or manager.

We would like to ensure that our service is covering all aspects of this process: from the business plan to project execution and support.

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